Frequently Asked Questions

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is when a chiropractic physician determines areas of restrictions and directs a specific force to restore normal joint motion.

What is the “popping” sound?

The “popping” sound, or cavitation, is no different than what you hear when you crack your knuckles. The noise is created due to a change in pressure of the joint, releasing gas and resulting in a “pop”.

Is chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic care is among the safest, non-invasive, and drug-free treatment for neuromusculoskeletal and other various complaints. A thorough physical examination by a board certified chiropractic physician will reveal any contraindications to care, if none are present, it is deemed safe to continue with treatment.


Can you see a chiropractor if you aren't in pain?

Pain is the LAST symptom to show up. Just like your gas tank, your tank gets more and more empty before the gas light comes on. Your body is constantly under pressure and strain, it learns to compensate and you develop poor biomechanics before your body finally alerts you that you’re experiencing pain. This is also why it’s important to stick with your treatment plan. Once the pain goes away, that does NOT mean you are back to functioning optimally.

Who can benefit from chiropractic care?

Everybody! From newborns to geriatrics, and everyone in-between! Every stage of life comes with its own type of stress on the body. Chiropractic is useful to detect, diagnose, and treat many different conditions effecting all age ranges.

Do you accept insurance?

In order to provide the one-on-one, patient-centered care, with the various individualized treatments (adjustments, cupping, acupuncture, stretching, manual therapy, etc.) I am unable to participate with insurance companies. Being 'out of network' allows me to spend more time with each patient and ensure they receive the best possible care. 

Being conscious of cost, I've kept my prices on par with typical

co-pay amounts. Specific pricing can be found on my online booking website listed below. 

Forms of payment accepted: cash, credit cards, HSA/ FSA cards.

Patient care is and always will be #1!